Care Instructions

Wood Cutting Boards:

As you can plainly see, these Laradacky boards are made from wood. So treat them as you would treat a piece of wooden furniture. Would you put a dining chair in your dishwasher? No, you wouldn’t. So don’t put these cutting boards in the dishwasher either. Just don’t. It’ll ruin them, maybe not on the first pass but eventually.

That said, a good washing under the faucet in the sink with a sponge, even the scrubby side, is just fine. Take it easy on the soap since it will slowly but surely pull all the oil out of the board and cause it to dry out and crack.

To maintain the boards in their original fresh-from-the-factory glory, get yourself some Boos Block Board Cream (or something similar) from Amazon or maybe your local kitchen store and apply a bit of it regularly, maybe once a month (as if!) or as often as you think of it. It’s totally pleasant and it makes the boards look fabulous. Plus it’ll help keep them from drying out and splitting.

Metal Trays:

These metal trays are just waiting for you to load them up with goods. Just be careful its nothing abrasive, otherwise the metal will eventually scratch. Rinse them under warm water and soap or dry with a soft cloth.

Happy chopping, slicing, and entertaining!